Monday, 6 October 2014

A Victorian Dolls House......

Hello again today I have some pics of my Dolls House, below you can get an idea of the size. It's made to 1/12 scale and that is my Grand Daughter Niamh who will soon be 4. She loves playing with it.

Master bedroom ...everything in this room is hand made
The Parlour......all set for Christmas the doll on the left I bought but the one on the right is hand made, you can see a miniture working clock on the mantle. All the furniture and carpets in this room except the tree is handmade, even the little ornaments are made from old jewellery pieces.

A couple of little sneak peeks from my dolls house which was made for me by my Hubby 25 years ago......time really flies. It now resides in My Mother in Law's house in the hall just at her front door She always loved it and she has more space than me for showing it off.
 All my little Great Nieces and my Grandchildren love to play with it and frequently have it all mixed up inside. These pics were taken at the weekend on a visit to Granny Annie's with our three Grandchildren.
 I sorted it out a little bit before taking the photos. Hubby built the actual house and I furnished it. Most of the furniture I made using Balsa wood and all the rugs were hand made some using Tapestry and other were done with cross stitch.
I'll be back soon with more photo's, until then thanks for popping in

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