Monday, 6 October 2014

The Kitchen...Victorian house

 Hello again, the kitchen the heart of the home especially in Victorian times, the cook and the upstairs maid preparing lunch/ dinner for the family. Both dolls are hand made with Fimo, as you can see the tea pot had found it's way to the middle of the Made from Fimo and I knitted the 
Tea Cosy with very fine wool and miniature needles. All the food was made with Fimo and some of the pots and dishes too. Furniture Aga and sink all made with Balsa wood.

 This pic shows the old fashioned Pully and Wringer and the little copper kettle on the Aga one of my favourite things in the house.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the kitchen and all it's contents. I'll be back later with more photo's.

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  1. Just beautiful. So glad it is still played with. Elaine


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